From Concept to Culture: Building Authentic Corporate Values

Welcome to The Virtual Vibe Podcast! I'm David Howe, your host, and today, we have the amazing Madeline Des Jardins, the global senior director of internal communications and employee engagement at Walkme, joining us.

In this episode, Madeline reveals the five key elements of strong corporate values: simplicity, targeted actions, aspiration, authenticity, and stability. Discover how these principles can make values easy to remember and how they can be integrated into daily company life, including performance reviews and bonuses.

Madeline shares her insights from her time at Disneyland to Walkme, emphasizing that values should not just be words on a page but should be lived and breathed in every aspect of an organization.

Learn about the six-month journey to develop values that empower and unite employees and how these values can enhance performance and engagement.

Join us as we discuss maintaining authenticity in your values, the importance of getting employees on board with company culture, and how recognition platforms like Walkme's Work Proud can reinforce values every day.

Tune in for an inspiring conversation on creating a workplace where community thrives through shared, lived, and celebrated values. This is The Virtual Vibe Podcast, and we're just getting started!
From Concept to Culture: Building Authentic Corporate Values