From Tech to Healthcare: Lauren Ernst’s Bold Career Leap

Welcome, Virtual Vibe listeners, to another fascinating episode of your favorite deep-dive into the interplay of technology and human dynamics in the workplace. I'm your host, David Howe, and today's show, episode eleven, promises to be a truly inspiring listen.

We're thrilled to have Lauren Ernst join us on The Virtual Vibe Podcast. As the Communications and Employee Experience Lead at Halliburton Highlands Health Services, Lauren has a unique story that takes us from the bustling tech hubs of London, Ontario, to the heart-centered corridors of healthcare. Her journey is a testament to the power of personal transformation and the search for meaningful work.

In today's conversation, we'll uncover the pivots and passions that led Lauren from a high-paced tech environment to crafting roles that touch the hearts and minds of hospital staff. She'll share insights into overcoming industry burnout, the art of pitching impactful wellness initiatives to leadership, and the importance of nurturing a supportive culture in any sector.

What's more, Lauren is a prolific sharer of video content and discussions that relate to these topics on LinkedIn, where she encourages the continuation of dialogue. David recommends everyone to follow her there for a more in-depth look at her work and ideas.

So, whether you're seeking inspiration to rejuvenate your team's spirit or simply curious about the personal drive that leads to a career shift, this episode with Lauren Ernst is not one you'll want to miss. Join us in exploring how to be bold, curious, and proactive in both personal and professional realms. Don't forget to follow Lauren on LinkedIn to keep the conversation going, and, as always, stay tuned for more of The Virtual Vibe Podcast.
From Tech to Healthcare: Lauren Ernst’s Bold Career Leap