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One-Time Team Challenge

Starting at

$2,500 / per challenge

Run a Challenge for Up To One Month
  • Access to full challenge library
  • Live dashboard of engagement metrics
  • Web & native iOS and Android apps
  • Individual and team leaderboards
  • Customizable promotional materials
  • Dedicated support team
  • Prize fulfillment – $1,000
  • Private Breaks – $500 per break
  • SSO available
Want to upgrade to the full Bright Breaks package after your challenge?

You can upgrade within 30 days of your challenge and apply your one-time challenge payment to your annual subscription.

Full Bright Breaks Package

Starting at
$9,995 / year
Offer a Global Wellness Benefit Without the Heavy Admin Work
  • Unlimited challenges
  • AI-powered Smart Scheduler (Microsoft & Google Calendar integrations)
  • 300 live breaks per week
  • Dedicated Customer Success Lead
  • Library of 500+ on-demand breaks
  • Weekly challenges & prizes
  • Live dashboard of engagement metrics
  • Web & native iOS and Android apps
  • Custom launch kit & engagement strategy
  • Single Sign On
  • 4 private breaks

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Are all sessions live or do you have any that are pre recorded?
We offer 300 live 7-minute wellness breaks each week. Live content is proven to be more motivational, drive more engagement, and improve co-worker connections. In addition to our robust offering of live content, we also offer an on-demand library that houses wellness content ranging in length from 7 to 30 minutes long.
Do you have a limit on how many people can sign up for each session
No. Your whole team can join and take an unlimited number of breaks, no matter the number of people.
What if my team doesn’t want to turn their cameras on
Our main goal is comfort, meaning: no camera is required. You can turn on your camera if you want feedback from the educator or to connect with your teammates or other break participants, but this is off by default and optional.
Do you have any software integrations
We integrate with Google Calendar and Microsoft Teams to deliver an AI-selected daily break directly to your team members' calendars. They can turn this feature off at any time, but we have found it's a great way to get in the habit of taking a quick break to reset and refresh!
How does pricing work? (individual subscription or as a company)
We charge a single flat subscription fee for your entire company. The reason is that our goal is to help your whole workforce get up to move, stretch, or breathe each day. We want to connect employees through our live content and make it easy for all employees to join Bright Breaks when motivation strikes.
How long are your contracts
Contracts start at 12 months long. We can offer discounts for multi-year contracts. A 1-week free trial can be arranged for a select group of employees ahead of a decision.
Do you offer pilot programs to trial the product?
No, we don't offer pilots. Contact us to learn about pricing and contract options.
Do you have a back-end dashboard that gives me visibility of engagement?
Yes. We provide a Champion Portal that includes a rich set of engagement statistics.
Do you have an app?
Yes. We have iOS and Android apps, and employees can access Bright Breaks through the web as well.
Do you offer SSO?
Why do companies bring Bright Breaks on-board?
There are many reasons, but mostly companies choose Bright Breaks to encourage a culture of well-being, connect co-workers across locations, and improve employee happiness, productivity, and health.

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