Workplace Wellness, 7 Minutes at a Time.

Boost employee wellness, connection and productivity with 7-minute live micro-breaks.

Why Breaks? Because They're Essential to Employee Well-Being

A workplace wellness solution that is actively contributing to employee well-being, 7 minutes at a time.

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What can Bright Breaks do for your team?

88% Experience Less
Stress at Work

Taking a pause during the workday keeps employees happy and healthy: Breaks are proven to reduce feelings of stress and burnout while increasing feelings of well-being.

80% Boost Their

Did you know that downtime can boost your bottom line? Research shows that breaks restore motivation and increase productivity. Proving the ROI of your wellness program just got easier.

97% Improve Their
Overall Well-being

Breaks reduce the negative mental and physical effects of working and sitting for long periods of time. This includes decision fatigue, procrastination, injuries, and even chronic illnesses.
Bright Breaks has been a great solution for our health and wellness needs at VelocityEHS. We wanted a platform that could integrate easily into our employee’s schedule, provide a variety of options and work no matter where they are located. Bright Breaks makes health programming accessible to all and our employees love how easy it is to do solo, with a teammate or as a group. Thanks so much!
Molly Thompson
Director, Employee Experience & Culture
We are always looking for new and exciting ways to continue to promote the importance of wellness because the well being of our employees is a priority. We launched Bright Breaks in February of 2022 and it was an instant hit with our employees! The amazing weekly challenges, prizes and live breaks keeps our employees motivated to continue to work towards their wellness goals.
Michelle Anderson, CHRP
Human Resources Generalist
Bennington Financial
"The main reason I recommend Bright Breaks to all my colleagues is because they take a whole body approach to wellness and I can find them ANY time I need a break! You feel like you are making connections which is what keeps you wanting to come back too!"
Pam Heline
VP, People & Culture

How it works

Bright Breaks has something for everyone. Choose from 300+ live Bright Breaks each week to move, breathe, stretch, learn or just relax.

These 7 minute sessions include meditation, yoga, stretching, strength training, gratitude talks, cooking workshops, and more.

We use a smart scheduler to arrange breaks without: 

  1. Impacting existing commitments
  2. Causing any guilt or fear around taking time out of heads-down work

We help your remote teams feel connected by recommending sessions their teammates are joining.

7-minute Bright Breaks fit seamlessly into teammates’ calendars, which drives participation: We tested break lengths, and our 7-minute breaks received 62% more attendance. No more stressing over hour-long classes interfering with schedules. Just happier, healthier & more productive employees who can better apply themselves to the rest of their workdays.

Ready to try Bright Breaks with your team?

Join the movement to truly prioritize employee wellness.

For HR Leaders

An affordable, engaging platform
for improving employee wellness

For Employees

Finally — permission, accountability, and the
tools to take regular breaks for your health
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