Engaging a team of 350 employees: Emily Brunelle, Employee Experience Manager at Bloomerang shares advice


Emily Brunelle, the Employee Experience Manager at Bloomerang sat down with myself and a few other Bright Breaks customers this month to discuss employee engagement.

Bloomerang has been a Bright Breaks customer since November of 2022. Our program quickly became a success across the company and continues to be a favourite well-being initiative among employees. 

Emily is at the helm of Bright Breaks’ success at Bloomerang – her taking the time to chat with us was a real treat!

Middle School Teacher Turned Employee Experience Manager

How does teaching kids relate to employee engagement?

According to Emily, there are striking similarities between her previous profession as a middle school English teacher and her current career in employee experience. 

“I am really passionate about how to engage and motivate people, because that’s all teaching is, is motivating the kids to do the work you really need them to do… and honestly employee engagement is not that different, they might seem like worlds away but those skills are more transferrable that you would think. ‘How can I make people feel happy, safe and healthy so that they can do good work?'” 

Emily first dipped her toe in the world of employee experience  when she volunteered to chair her company’s culture committee at a small tech startup. Five years, two title changes and a merger later, Emily is now the Employee Engagement Manager at Bloomerang, a 350 employee software company that serves nonprofit organizations. 

I sat down with Emily to chat about her experience and advice around employee engagement, including how Bloomerang gets the most out of Bright Breaks. 

See the 45 minute info-packed discussion below.


Bloomerang’s Employee Engagement Tools, Activities and Initiatives

Watch the video to learn more about:

  • Tools Emily and her team rely for employee engagement
    • Bright Breaks, 7-minute live well-being breaks automatically suggested in employees’ work calendars
    • Donut, a Slack integration that encourages connection
    • Uncommon Giving, a platform that empowers employees to contribute to charitable causes
    •  Snappy, a platform that makes giving employees meaningful rewards and gifts easy
    • Swell, a friction-free employee pulse survey Slack integration  
  •  Employee engagement activities at Bloomerang
    • Annual wellness challenge that includes Bright Breaks
    • ‘Bloom U’, a year-round program inviting employees to teach master classes based on personal skills for the rest of the company
    • Company-wide gifting
    • Employee Recognition program
  • Bloomerang’s Culture Committee

…and much more!

If you’re in the world of HR and employee experience, you’ll enjoy Emily’s candid talk around all things employee engagement. 

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