Employee Wellness Milestone: Wynward Insurance Group Takes 3,000 Bright Breaks


When it comes to cultivating a culture of employee wellness, Wynward Insurance Group is an example of success!

3,000 Bright Breaks and Counting

Wynward added Bright Breaks to their employee wellness initiatives in February of 2022. Since then, Wynward’s employees have taken over 3,000 short well-being breaks on Bright Breaks! This is an amazing achievement for their company.

Congratulations, Wynward team!

Here’s a few ways they got here:

  • Messaging from the top down encouraging employees to take breaks during the workday
  • Promoting of Bright Breaks through email and MS Teams channels
  • Organizing internal challenges for Wynward employees with participation prizes
  • An enthusiastic core of employees who use Bright Breaks daily and support their teammates in joining sessions with them

Bright Breaks' Impact on Employees

We asked some of Wynward’s top Bright Breaks users how taking breaks on our platform has impacted them:

Bright Breaks have made such a positive impact on my work day.  I love that the breaks are short enough that you can easily fit them into your day.  It’s nice to be able to take seven minutes to do something good for your body and mind and, maybe even see some of your coworkers at the same time! I try to fit in a break or two each day.  I find that after a Bright Break I’m refreshed and reenergized.   I’m so grateful that my employer is looking out for our mental and physical well-being.  Bright Breaks definitely brighten my day!

Bright Breaks is a wonderful addition to any work set up. The breaks are the perfect length to break up the day, and the variety is enough to accommodate however I am feeling, whether I need a focusing meditation, or an invigorating Move & Groove. Each instructor brings their own personality to the session, which makes it even more fun! It is an integral part of setting my day up for success.

I find the Bright Breaks a very handy system. I travel a lot for work so to be able to take the workouts on the go with me is awesome, whether I can attend the live sessions or catch up on a couple of workouts with the “On Demand” feature it works out very well. I find the Bright educators very friendly, and they certainly know their stuff.​

Bright Breaks as an Employee Wellness Tool

At Bright Breaks, we take pride in being able to support our champions in Human Resources roles to help them reach employee wellness goals for their companies, Wynward included.

Bright Breaks provides the perfect opportunity to support our employees located across the country with an approachable and effective wellness tool. At Wynward, we understand our employees have a lot on their minds between work and home. Bright Breaks makes it easy to set aside a small moment of their day to focus on what they need most, whether it be an energizing movement class or an introspective meditation class. As an employer, to work with a progressive wellness company like Bright Breaks, who not only puts the time and attention towards the details, but also understands how effective seven minutes can be to someone’s day, feels like a very special partnership.

We look forward to continuing to work with Wynward and witnessing many more employee wellness achievements to come!

About Bright Breaks

We help remote and hybrid companies achieve higher levels of employee wellness and engagement by offering 300 live well-being breaks a week. Only 7 minutes long and led by experienced wellness professionals, our breaks are as impactful as they are convenient. Outlook and Google Calendar integrations make attending and inviting coworkers to breaks easy!

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