How Quility Insurance Drives Employee Engagement Through Well-Being: Bright Breaks Champion Fireside Chat with Isaac Lumley


Employee engagement and well-being can be a tough nut to crack, especially at an organization of 200+ employees in a hybrid environment.  Isaac Lumley, Senior Human Resources Specialist at Quility Insurance, sat down with us to discuss how Quility uses Bright Breaks as a core well-being program to enhance their company culture.

Watch the full 37-minute video above to hear more about:

  • Quility’s company culture and how they maintain close connections among their employees
  • Their tactic of promoting specific breaks around existing meetings for higher engagement
  • How Quility broke our record of most attendees in a single break on the Bright Breaks platform
  • Leadership and management’s role including visibly participating and using Bright Breaks as a connection tool for their teams
  • Quility’s internal challenge success using Bright Breaks

Interested in learning how Bright Breaks can help your company ‘walk-the-walk’ when it comes to wellness? Let’s strategize! Book a demo here.

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