October Emotional Wellness Month: Promote to Employees with Free Scripts


October is Emotional Wellness Month – promote it easily without having to come up with content from scratch!

Emotional wellness is an important aspect of our overall personal well-being. If we’re not feeling our best, or having a tough time experiencing sustained feelings of positivity, it can be hard to stay present for our loved ones, co-workers and even ourselves.

October is the month to shine a light on emotional wellness and let your team know that their well-being is important. Not all employers intentionally focus on different aspects of wellness, so taking the time to promote different topics such as emotional health will separate your workplace from the norm. Help your employees feel seen by acknowledging an aspect of daily living that affects every one of us!

October Emotional Wellness Month Promotional Scripts

You have a job to do to promote well-being at your organization and we’re here to help with monthly themed wellness scripts! Last month, we provided September Self-Care Awareness Month scripts, and we’re at it again with relevant scripts for October.

When coming up with scripts to promote wellness at your organization, there are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How should the content be formatted to best suit internal communication channels?
  • How can the content be interactive and generate engagement by starting a conversation?
  • What is the goal of the content? To direct employees to available resources, to make them feel seen, or to let them know your organization cares? Or all three?

Coming up with content from scratch can take up time and energy but we’ve gone ahead done that for you! We developed scripts for October Emotional Wellness Month that are:

  • Optimized for Slack, Yammer/Viva Engage, MS Teams channels or other internal post-style communication channels
  • Written with an empathetic and helpful tone
  • Interactive with actionable tips
  • Meant to be posted every week in October

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What you should do now

  1. Promote best practices for remote worker health with free copy/paste, pre-written scripts you can post every week in your internal communications channels.

  2. Learn from top HR & People Leaders about the latest strategies to keep your remote workforce happy, healthy, and connected on The Virtual Vibe Podcast.

  3. Contact our sales team to discover the benefits of our built-for-the-workplace wellness solution, compared to B2C offerings like Calm or Headspace.
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