Why Leaders Need to Promote Workplace Breaks

Have you taken a break today? We’re talking about an “active recovery” break from work that helps you recharge, realign, and refresh your body and mind. A break that’s worth taking. A break with ROI. If you haven’t taken a

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The Overlooked Way to Engage Remote Workers

The business world faces a crisis of engagement that’s given us everything from “The Great Resignation” to “Quiet Quitting.” These signals of a discontent workforce cause businesses across the world billions of dollars in employee turnover and lost productivity.  Global

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Science-Backed ways to Keep Global Teams Engaged

The past few years have been a global experiment in en-masse remote-hybrid work and the results are in: Employee engagement is suffering. People are working remotely or hybrid more than ever. Juggling locations, routines, and even time zones are all

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The Hidden Cost of Employee Stress—and How to Reduce It

Employee stress is costing us trillions of dollars. Widespread mental health challenges and low engagement result in a slew of negative consequences for individuals and the companies they work for: burnout, absenteeism, lower job performance, higher healthcare costs, higher turnover

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